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Beyond Beards and Burqas

Beyond Beards and Burqas




Most people live or work among Muslim colleagues and neighbours, or mingle with Islamic people on trips overseas. But many Christians struggle to see beyond the stereotypes to connect in depth with the people they meet.

In this winsome book Martin Goldsmith recounts colourful stories from a lifetime of conversations and friendships with Muslims in various countries around the world, including the UK.

Part-travelogue, part-biography, readers are whisked from an English college garden to an Afghan market, from a London secondary school to a North African tourist destination, from Dubai airport to a home in Scotland, all the while becoming better equipped to make their own connections with Muslims - to the glory of God.




  1. Haji Ahmed: can we know God?
  2. Muslim students: speaking up
  3. Airport encounters: reflections on prayer and jihad
  4. On the waiting list for Jesus: when cultures merge
  5. Suleiman and the jinn: folk Islam and evil spirits
  6. The polygamous sheikh: what about other faiths?
  7. Dr Abdul: life in a multifaith world
  8. Walking in the sandals of the judges: meeting the qadis
  9. Muhammad, Ali and the whirling dervishes: exploring Sufism
  10. Tariq and Hussein: Afghan stories
  11. Connecting with Christians: making the most of tourism

    About the Author:

    Martin Goldsmith is a Jewish Christian who trained as a Russian interpreter. He and his wife Elizabeth spent ten years as missionaries in South East Asia, and were involved from the start with All Nations Christian College where they were both lecturers for over twenty years. Today they travel the world lecturing and speaking at conferences.

    From the Introduction:

    "Today in the twenty-first century, library book shelves groan under the multitude of books on Islam from every perspective and angle. In such books we all have a wonderful aid to the study of Islam. I do not wish to attempt to add yet another such book.

    My aim is rather to share some of the very personal encounters I have enjoyed with a rich variety of Muslims, both in Britain and overseas, in the nearly fifty years that have followed this first missionary journey.

    It is my hope and prayer that readers may gain some further insight into and understanding of their Muslim neighbours and friends, the practice of their faith and how we can share the good news of Jesus Christ attractively with them."

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