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Critical to the sustainability of this growing movement is the ability of Christians to read, reflect on, and see the implications of the Bible for themselves and their daily contexts – their frontlines. It’s a goal that we’ve pursued through a variety of publications - the work series, Frutifulness on the Frontline, and the Whole of Life for Christ. What we have not done is to self-consciously equip people to read different genres of the Bible through a whole-life lens. In light of this, we’re developing a series of Bible studies which align with LICC’s mission and activities and support biblical literacy in the UK church more broadly. The study series has emerged from the regular Bible Days we’ve been running over the last years for leaders and preachers. The whole-life aspect of the Bible is seen not only in the big story it tells, but also in the different kinds of writings it contains – stories and songs, laws and letters, proverbs and parables, poetry and prophecy. It’s the specific lens of genre which has provided insight into the Word of God for the whole of life through LICC’s Bible Days.

The Proposal

We propose to publish a 7-study series for individuals and small groups around the main genres of the Bible that will enable Christians to:

· Study seven single books of the Bible (independently of one another, though they form a series)
· Develop insight and skills in reading 7 different genres of Bible literature
· Reflect on the implications of each book and genre for the whole of life
· Develop applications which support and direct their life as disciples in their everyday, frontline contexts

In addition, the series will:

· Provide a resource to church leaders that supports their preaching and programmes in creating sustainable whole-life disciplemaking communities
Complement a ‘Preaching Pack’

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